Buy our Traditionally Produced Cider

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Indicknowle Cider is produced mainly from apples grown in our own orchards. Still working with our own original Victorian equipment, we follow the same methods used by our family since the 1870s.

After being gathered by hand in the autumn, the apples are blended, milled and pressed on the farm. The juice is then matured in oak barrels until it is ready for drinking.
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Indicknowle cider is made from traditional , old varieties of cider apples, such as Browns, Sweet Coppin, Cornish Gilly Flower, Slack ma Girdle and Morgans Sweet. These are grown on standard, rather than modern intensive bush type trees.


Indicknowle cider is sold directly from our farm in bottles and for larger quantities` bag in boxes`.

We would  - and do – encourage people to try the ciders before they buy them.

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